Welcome to the website of Mu Beta Psi, National Honorary (Co-ed) Musical Fraternity - Nu Chapter at SUNY Oswego. The Brothers of Mu Beta Psi are a diverse bunch that can be found not only in Tyler Hall, but all over the campus and community! If you have any questions regarding our Fraternity, please do not hesitate to contact any of us. Feel free to navigate our website to learn more about us!

"We, the Brothers of Mu Beta Psi, in order to establish a Fraternity to foster the study of music, to encourage fellowship among musicians, and to advance music within the college community, do hereby ordain and establish this Constitution of Mu Beta Psi."

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Nu Chapter is a branch of Mu Beta Psi, located at SUNY Oswego. The Chapter was founded on April 10, 1994, with help from previous advisors; Dr. Julie Pretzat and Dr. Marilyn Smiley. Our current advisor is Dr. Juan La Manna.

The Fraternity as a whole follows four main purposes:

  1. To honor those outstanding men and women who have devoted their time and efforts to the musical organizations at the educational institutions of the respective Chapter.
  2. To stimulate interest in the musical organizations at the educational institutions of the respective Chapter.
  3. To advance music to its proper place as an educational subject.
  4. To actively promote fellowship among musicians everywhere.


Mu Beta Psi is the National Honorary Music Fraternity, founded by Major Percy W. Price on November 5, 1925 at North Carolina State University, becoming our Alpha Chapter. It was created as a Fraternity meant to bring musicians of all backgrounds together on a campus, combining the values of academic achievement, service, devotion to music, and Brotherhood – united by a bond unique to any other. Originally consisting only of males, the organization decided to allow women in 1961. Today, there are nine active Chapters: Alpha (1925) I Zeta (1967) I Nu (1994) I Pi (2007) I Rho (2008) I Tau (2011) I Upsilon (2019) I  Kappa (1989, 2020*) Alumni Association (1970).

*Kappa Chapter went inactive in 1996, but was recently reactivated on April 25, 2020. It is the first chapter in Mu Beta Psi history to be successfully reactivated.

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Our primary focus here at SUNY Oswego is service. Brothers aim to serve the Music Department in any way possible. We can be seen ushering most music events held on campus, as well as many theater events. In addition to ushering, we help the Music Department by running errands for professors, watering pianos, and offering short-term tutoring in select classes.

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Interested in joining our Chapter? Fantastic! Here’s what you need to know:

The Member Education Process is a semester of getting to know the Fraternity and its Brothers as they get to know you. The  Member Education Committee carefully guides accepted Members-In-Training through this process. The time commitment is small, however, the more you put into the process, the more you get out of it. This is an amazing opportunity to make new incredible friends not only on campus, but nationally, that will last a lifetime. If you are interested in our New Member Education process feel free to contact the New Member Educator at mbp.nu.pc @ gmail.com.

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